Hours:            Moroni City Cemetery is open daily from dawn till dusk. The records room is open during daylight hours from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Address:         The cemetery is located at the northwest end of the city.

Cemetery Records

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MORONI CITY CEMETERY FEES                (updated April 6, 2017)         


BURIAL PLOT (PER LOT)      $200.00                       $500.00

PERPETUAL CARE                   $150.00                       $400.00

TOTAL PER SPACE                    $350.00                       $900.00


INTERMENTS (INCLUDES INFANTS AND CREMATIONS)                                                                                              RESIDENT/NON-RESIDENT

WEEKDAYS                                                                                 $500.00

SATURDAY/HOLIDAYS ADDITIONAL                       $100.00

AFTER 3 PM AND DAY ADDITIONAL                        $100.00



DISINTERMENT                                                                                    $1,000.00


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